Little Spring Wonders Daycare Nursery is committed to an effective child protection policy. The safety and welfare of all children, staff and families associated with Little Spring Wonders is vital. 

We, as childcare professionals have a duty to take the necessary steps to safeguard and protect all children and to promote their welfare whatever their beliefs/cultures or abilities.  


Children have the right to grow up unharmed; to have the opportunity to develop fully and have their basic needs met through a happy, stimulating, enjoyable and safe environment.  

As professionals, we are in a prime position to notice any changes in a child’s behaviour and physical appearance, and to listen and observe appropriately. To observe, monitor and protect those children who are particularly vulnerable, for example, children with additional needs or disabilities. Therefore, Little Spring Wonders is committed to providing a warm, caring, stimulating and enjoyable early years’ experience where the child`s safety and welfare is paramount.  Any safeguarding concerns from parents should be sent to, where one of our safeguarding officers will respond.

LSW Safeguarding Policy