At Little Spring Wonders (LSW) Day Nursery our ethos is to offer inclusive quality care and education to all, including children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). We have two specially training Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCo’s) who ensure we place children’s individual needs at the forefront of the care and education we provide.

Research has shown that early identification is key to supporting children with additional needs therefore key workers closely monitor and track children’s progress and ensure children can meet their full potential.

From day one we work in partnership with our parents and families to ensure we are fully aware of their children’s individual needs and requirements. Our settling in process is completely flexible and adaptable to ensure parents and children are welcomed into the nursery and feel confident within our care.

Key workers support parents and carers in understanding how to promote their children’s learning and development in the home environment and how to access additional support if required.

Our trained Equal Opportunities Coordinator (ENCo) constantly reviews our practice to ensure every child and family are represented and every child’s needs are catered for, including offering variable diets, adapting our environment to meet the needs of each child.

We practice Makaton signing with the children in the toddler room to help improve communication for all children to develop their language skills.

We have a positive reinforcement behaviour policy throughout the Nursery in dealing with behaviour to ensure we have a consistent approach by all staff.

We offer support to all parents on various topics including behaviour, potty training and language development to support our families and offer advice. Some of our team have completed the Inclusion Development and Early Language Development programmes.

At LSW we have comprehensive knowledge of working with children with additional needs and working in partnership with parents and families to ensure they are receiving the best possible access to support.

We offer to host team around the family meetings at our nursery and welcome advice from various external agencies on how to give additional support to both children and parent/carers who require it.